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Since the beginning of this year, China's textile industry to maintain a stable development trend

Since 2017, China's textile industry has maintained a steady development trend. From January to June, the industrial added value of Chinese enterprises above designated size increased by 5.3% YoY, and the main business income increased by 9.6% YoY and the total profit increased by 11.55% YoY.

7, from the China Textile Industry Federation was informed that China's textile industry export trade after 24 consecutive months of negative growth, from May this year began to show positive growth. This reversal on the one hand that the export market demand quietly improved, on the other hand also reflects the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry has made good progress.

According to reports, despite the changing external environment, China's textile industry in the national economy is still maintained a stable position, and play an increasingly important role. China's textile industry is in a large and strong key transition period. With the policy as the lead, capital as the power to support the platform, industry innovation and development of the external environment continues to improve, China's textile industry, the system of competitive advantage is taking shape, the industry has great potential for synergy.

Specifically, at the policy level, around the revitalization of the real economy, to promote the supply side of the structural reform, the state has developed a number of leading, supportive, oriented innovation policy for the industry innovation and development escort.

At the capital level, multi-level capital market system, diversified venture capital fund, for the industry to inject vitality into technological innovation. At present, China's textile and garment industry has 105 listed companies.

At the platform level, and constantly improve the talent system and increasingly rich network ecology industry innovation and development of a strong support. At present, China already has the world's largest consumer groups, the Chinese labor force is also from the number of advantages to the quality advantage change.

From the industry itself, China's textile industry, the system of competitive advantage is taking shape, the industry has a more complete infrastructure and industrial support, which makes the industry chain collaboration, inter-industry collaboration has a good foundation and a huge space for development.